Now Enhanced with Loadsmart AI

Understanding and Utilizing Data Has Never Felt So Natural

The world of data is often complicated and overwhelming without the tools and analysts to transform data into visualizations to help you understand where improvements could be made, and where your business is doing well. 

Not anymore. Watch the video demo below of ShipperGuide now enhanced with Loadsmart AI.

You know ShipperGuide as the freight management platform that has disrupted the market with a simple user interface to:

Run RFPs, Mini-Bids, and Spot Quotes  |  Compare Spot & Contract Rates on the Fly  |  Grow Your Carrier Network While Benchmarking Pricing & Performance to Improve Compliance

Now it’s known as the first to have the power of Artificial Intelligence live and readily available for all users. Stop scratching your head at the data and start getting answers, instantly, with ShipperGuide. 

Questions Companies are Asking Loadsmart's AI in ShipperGuide:
What will you ask?

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Measurable impact from day one.

  • 35% of savings per lane with live market benchmarking
  • 83% reduction in time on rate procurement activities
  • Onboard your entire team in 60 minutes
  • Easy to use for even the least tech-savvy people on your team
  • Low cost with high ROI
Companies who use ShipperGuide to move more with less:


Identify the best strategies for your specific business needs, such as reducing transportation costs, improving delivery times, and enhancing service quality.


Streamline your freight procurement process with a centralized solution. Find fair pricing and high quality carriers for all your contracted and spot lanes.


Achieve greater operational efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience with full control over your operations. Make informed decisions and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.


(coming soon) Ensure that all financial aspects of your shipments are taken care of accurately and efficiently, leaving you with more time to focus on your business goals.


Gather valuable insights and data on your shipments, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy. Gain a competitive edge and achieve greater efficiency in your logistics operations.

83% Reduction in Time Spent on Rate Procurement Activities

"There are people in our office who are not very tech-savvy and all of them have been able to use ShipperGuide with minimal assistance. It’s so simple to use that we are actually having fun checking in to see who has quoted!"
Cabot Cheese Cooks Up RFPs with ShipperGuide