Quarterly Freight Data Report

A Q1 Review & Q2 Predictions of the Freight Industry Economy 

The Quarterly Freight Data Report: A Q1 Review of the Trucking Economy & How It Will Shape Q2 '23  is a  publication using Loadsmart data sets for shippers. Understanding the cyclical nature of the market, and where we currently are within that market, helps Shippers to make better predictions for the current quarter and into the new year. 

Read about:

  • A slowdown in manufacturing suggested further declines in freight volumes
  • The Contract & Spot spread narrowed in early 2023, but has since widened back to Q4 2022 levels
  • March marked the beginning of an unprecedented banking crisis
  • Plus, A deeper look into the Food & Beverage, Retail, Home Improvements, and Produce sectors

Download the report for the fastest and easiest way to learn from Q1 and prepare for the months ahead. 

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