1.5% Factoring is Here. 

The wait is over! We are now offering 1.5% factoring through Loadsmart. Why factoring?

  • It's Fast: get paid on invoices same-day
  • It's Simple: with Loadsmart Carrier TMS, you click one button to send invoices to factoring
  • No Hidden Fees: the lowest factoring rate with NO additional charges

Automate Your Invoicing

When you factor with Loadsmart, you get a great rate and the ability to simplify or automate your daily tasks with their truck management system, Carrier TMS. Instead of emails, whiteboards, and many phone calls, you have automated load building and dispatching with Carrier TMS. Integrate your ELD to provide tracking and reduce the number of calls from shippers and brokers. Then, when the load is delivered, simply click to create an invoice and send to factoring.

"Loadsmart Carrier TMS is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to streamline your trucking business. Stop copy and pasting and doing things manually. You’re wasting time. Let Loadsmart help."
- Trucking Wins

Save time and increase cash flow. Sign-up today!

Get Paid Same Day.